Backup files to OpenMediaVault NAS

Hi guys,

Have a question on using NAS storage for the backups. I have UrBackup installed on a VM and would like to use my NAS (OpenMediaVault) storage to contain the backup files. I am using Debian Linux as the OS for the server. Clients are Windows 7, 10, XP.
Will symlinks and restores work correctly with the backup files sitting on a NAS?

What is the correct method to configure UrBackup to connect to the NAS share? I have tried setting up a NFS share in the nas and mounting the share to the default files location in UrBackup (/media/BACKUP/urbackup). I tried that with the option use temp files selected and not-selected. Both set errors. Tried setting permissions on the shared folders to 777 still set errors.

I noticed in the Server settings under the backup path there is an option for Server URL. Can the NAS share path be set in the server settings of the WebGUI and not have to mount the remote share thru the OS ?

Thanks for you help…

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Why has no one responded to this simple question?

I am also running UrBackup in a VM. UrBackup server is CentOS 7, VM in Hyper-V within Server 2016. I want the backups to go to my Synology NAS with 40TB storage space.

This should be trivial: i.e. setup a user (with password) within UrBackup for performing the backup task. Hop on my NAS and create the same user. Point UrBackup to my share on the Synology. Done.

But instead of trivial, this is proving to be impossible :frowning: No documentation explaining how to do this, no answers to several users in the forums with the same issue / question.

Losing my faith in UrBackup as a backup solution…

i guess not enough google fu :

this was the third link :

In general, i think mass necromancy with negative posts won’t help you.