NVME drive not recognized by Restore CD

I am a relatively new user of UrBackup. I initially tested UrBackup client restore on VirtualBox and it worked great. I then deployed the client to my home network of a handful of machines. The backups have been working reliably but I had no need for a restore until yesterday. Yesterday, a Windows 10 client got messed up when I tried to fix an issue with a corrupt user profile. Because I was short on time, I decided to restore the last image and forgo the update for the time being.

Unfortunately, the restore did not go as planned. The machine, a Dell Desktop AIO, has an internal 256 GB NVME drive for the OS. While I was able to see and restore to the secondary 1 TB spinning drive in this PC, the NVME drive was not available for restore.

I googled that the issue may be related to “secure boot” and disabled the feature in the BIOS. However, with this setting, the UrBackup restore CD did not complete the boot, and instead hung loading drivers. I am working by memory here and do not recall the last line on the display but it may have contained the word “SCSI”.

To fix the situation, I ended up installing the entire PC from scratch. While this took while, this seems more straight forward then trying to debug the restore CD. However, going forward, I need to figure out to fix the issue because UrBackup is not a viable backup solution if the restore CD does not work on my client.

So, any pointers as to what might have gone wrong and how to fix the issue would be appreciated. Thank you for helping in advance.

Searching the forum more, the Intel Motherboard RAID setting (rather than AHCI) may be the issue, as reported here. Is there a solution?