No " mail settings " on web interface

Hi guys,

I just started testing UrBackup few days ago and it looks great. I came across a little issue, i’m not sure if its a real problem or is it just me missing out something.
I can’t find the “mail settings” on web interface. According to the documentation I was expecting to see a separate tab for mail settings but I can’t see it, here is a screenshot of my web interface: screenshot .
If I’m simply missing something I would appreciate if some user could send me a screenshot or precise instructions how to find these settings.

Setup: UrBackup 1.4.6-41.1 , installed on CentOS using RPMs from home_kot1grun.

If you look at the spec file it is configured without mail support on RH/CentOS 5 and 6, probably because the cURL version there is too old. You’ll have to use CentOS 7 or compile cURL and UrBackup yourself.

Hello Uroni,
thank you very much for quick response.

Could you please specify which cURL version is minimal for mail function to work properly?

Kind regards.

Nikola, curl must be at least 7.20 or later.
uroni, I know that it is not good, but maybe the best way for legacy (but supported and production) distros is ship with sources and staticly link libcurl ?