Native Synology Package

I have created a native Synology package for UrBackup Server (it was not a trivial undertaking).
I have also cross-compiled for a number of Syno architectures.
Although the repo is still being spun up formally, I’m happy to put the packages out to those interested.

Some quick notes on my personal testing:

  • On windows be sure to install the client with “Run as Administrator”
  • On the Synology, have the share ready in advance.
    There is a current default setting of /volume1/NetBackup/urbackup for the share
  • Some users have indicated permission problems. In testing, NFS permissions were set to global r/w.


[This is not the setting for the Syno package center. Please reference the site for the URL as it may change.]

Currently only manual installations are supported.

You will also need to enable “Any Publisher” on your package center settings for the installation. If I find the motivation [read: donations] I’ll go through the work of getting it properly signed so small businesses can feel better about an installation.

Synology Forum UrBackup Thread

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Cool! Added it to the download page.


It’s very good, to create a package for synology.

But this don’t work for me, in the log message I see this :

Failed to curl perform, code=7, err=Error, url=http://localhost:8844/file/urbackup-server_bromolow-5.0_1.4.7-1.spk

Where can i download the package please ?

Best regard,

It seems some firewall settings were preventing the download. I’ve made some changes that should allow it to complete. Please try again over the next day or two as the updates are pushed.

Also worth noting, the server is available ~ 7AM to 9PM EST … it goes offline for maintenance outside these hours. At this time there isn’t enough demand for the packages to put it on a 24hour host.

If you need any help hosting it, e.g. on sourceforge, my server/web space, etc. please say so.

Appreciate the offer. Unfortunately due to automation of package creation and the way the Synology package center works that isn’t an option. At the moment this is our best choice but will keep an eye on it.

It seems the website is currently down?

It is likely you tried to access during the maintenance window. It should be available 7AM to 9PM EST.

Ah thank you. It works now :).

However, after adding the package source and going to “All” in the Package Center and hitting “Refresh”, UrBackup still doesn’t show up as an installable package.

Is it may be not compatible with DSM 5.1?

It is likely that it is not compatible with your particular model. It is hardware dependent (not DSM version dependent).

Yes, I just noticed that mostly only the x86 CPUs are supported. It’s a Marvell Kirkwood mv6282 2.0Ghz ARM (Marvell ARMADA 300) in my case (DS212+).

Yes unfortunately all the 16-bit memory devices are current unsupported. If the cross-compiling frameworks get updated, however, they will become available automatically so keep on eye on your package center.

I believe I’ve overcome the upstream issues that were preventing compilation on some of the non-Intel architectures. Please keep an eye on my syno webpage to see if your model is now supported. They should appear over the next few days.

Really nice work on this Synology port. Installed 88f6281 on a DS212j with next to no effort.

Thanks for the kind words; appreciated!

It’s a bit inconvenient, that the server (for looking up the package source URL) is not up 24h. It appears the old URL for the package source does not work anymore?

There were too many Asia based hack attempts through the synology package center ports (DDoS) URL.
The packages remain available for manual download and installation at the address posted in the thread.

Hello, is it possible to get version of UrBackup for model DS413 (architecture qoriq, CPU
Freescale QorIQ P1022).


The upstream cryptopp does not cross-compile gracefully for the PPC and I have not been successful in overriding the CFLAGS / CXXFLAGS. It may be the CPU does not have the instruction set needed for crypto++. Unfortunately these sorts of things take a fair amount of time and effort to research and based on the current level of interest it is not likely to happen any time soon.

Any chance for a version for armada300? (i.e. my DS212+)