Naming for UrBackup's File Backup Strategy - How about Continuous File Backup?

Continuing the discussion from Retention on Backups - Full deleted, incremental stay?:

Before I say anything else, this is not an attempt to revive a locked topic, which I would never do, but to offer what I think is a “constructive hint” on this. I couldn’t offer it on the locked topic, so am starting a fresh one just in order to do so.

Continuous file backup would be an excellent way to designate this. There is no distinction as far as an initial full (UrBackup should do the equivalent of one on the first continuous) then all subsequent continuous backups would behave as they have been described as behaving for incrementals under UrBackup have for file backups.

You would always have the option of deleting any/all continuous file backups predating the latest one taken and losing nothing as part of that (at least as far as the current state of affairs is concerned, and maybe not even for versioned file history - I haven’t played with that at all yet).

This process strikes me, in the backup world, much like “continuous cleaning” does in the oven world, although it’s not truly, 100% continuous in that you would configure intervals at which the next continuous backup in the “never ending series” would be taken.

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