Move backup folder to larger harddisk with Windows UrBackup


we have a lot of clients, which are backuped over slow VPN connections and have to move the backup folder from drive d:\Backup to drive e:\backup.
Are these steps ok?

  1. change the folder location under settings
  2. stop the UrBackup service
  3. Move the backup folder from d:\backup to e:\backup
    Is there a way to copy the links with robocopy, xcopy, or any other tool?
  4. start the UrBackup service
  5. Hope that everything is fine again

Any hints?


See the other threads, e.g. :

UrBackup 2.1.x has a new live migration feature. See the 2.1.x admin manual section 10.8.


I can t find the 2.1 manual.
live migration sounds interesting.

2.1.x manual is on the UrBackup Server 2.1.5/UrBackup Client 2.1.5 testing post.