Mounting VHDZ from UrBackupserver in a Docker is disabled - Why?


I am new to UrBackup. I am very exited that I found this great tool!!!

I am running a Openmediavault Server and installed UrBackup in a Docker. I tried to mount a VHDZ image from my client PC - but did not find this option.

I just noticed here that this functionality is disabled in the docker. This is really sad.
Is there reason/explanation for this?
Any chance to get this in the docker?



Image mounting works by running a virtual machine (libguestfs). Docker containers cannot start virtual machines (or mount stuff). You can just install the server without docker. OMV even has a plugin for that.


Hey, this is great. I did not know about the plugin. Would you prefer the plugin over the docker in OMV? Why? Some people I talked to told me put as much in dockers as possible…

All this NAS/Server stuff is new to me - still learning.

Thanks for the help.


Hi @uroni, I have UrBackup now running as Plugin. All well! great! But I can not find a chance to mount the VHDZ.
I find the list of files (filebackup) and am able to download as a ZIP or to restore on client.
But if I chose a imagebackup I have no chance to do anything…any advice?