Mount Image failed - no "Mount Image" Button visible

Hi there,

i have a Problem with Mounting a VHD Image in the Web Interface.

there is no Icon to do that :frowning:

Any Ideas? :slight_smile: Thank you and best Regards


For a proper answer you need to give the details of the server but try looking at this post for an Openmediavault Server and Docker. It should give a clue for anyone running linux.

I have the same problem:

Server: Windows 10 Pro


But this was working.
I donΒ΄t know when stoped. I updated Windows from version 1809 to 1903.

For Windows there is a bundeled imdisk driver at C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\imdisk which needs to be properly installed and running. Maybe you can check that… And the ImDskSvc service needs to be disabled and not running.


Problem solved with uroni instructions.

  1. Executed C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\imdisk\uninstall_imdisk.cmd
  2. Executed C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\imdisk\install.cmd
  3. Stopped and Disabled ImDskSvc (Helper service for ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver)
  4. Restarted UrBackupWinServer.

Now i have the Icon/Button.

have the same problem debian 9.9 server i have run
apt-get install -y libguestfs-tools but no diferens

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