LVM snapshot issue

During backup of a client only the folder structures are copied but no files.
The client is a debian linux with the newest client installed,
below is a snippet form the log, any ideas to what is happening?

2/18/17 15:35 INFO Libre: Loading file list…
12/18/17 15:35 INFO Libre: Started loading files…
12/18/17 15:35 DEBUG Starting shadowcopy “root”.
12/18/17 15:35 DEBUG Stoping shadowcopy “root”.
12/18/17 15:35 INFO Waiting for file transfers…
12/18/17 15:35 INFO Referencing snapshot on “Libre” for path “root” failed: FAILED
12/18/17 15:35 DEBUG Loading file “root” (metadata only)
12/18/17 15:35 INFO Waiting for file hashing and copying threads…
12/18/17 15:36 INFO Writing new file list…
12/18/17 15:36 INFO All metadata was present
12/18/17 15:36 DEBUG Syncing file system…
12/18/17 15:36 INFO Transferred 5.74121 KB - Average speed: 200.984 KBit/s
12/18/17 15:36 DEBUG Script does not exist urbackup\post_full_filebackup.bat
12/18/17 15:37 INFO Time taken for backing up client Libre: 1m 30s
12/18/17 15:37 INFO Backup completed with issues

Could you turn on client debug logging as described here Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting and post the result after a file backup?