Local server and Internet Server is the same server?

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Is the local server (local network) and internet server will be the same ?

I want to backup to a local server and an internet server, but there are not the same.


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I’ve found on the documentation, that we can set the server ids on server_idents.txt

I’ve fill server_idents.txt with 3 server ids but, urbackup connect only at the first server he find first

How to do for urbackup client connect to the 3 servers ?


Currently it can only use either an Internet server or a local server and not both simultaneously. There is an option in 1.5 to do both. Currently you can use multiple servers only if they are all local.

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Just to confirm, the internet server is not the same server as the local server?

For instance, I think that internet server is just the public IP address for the local server.

It can be different but once the client is connected to a local server it won’t try to connect to the internet server.