Linux GUI client and snapshot.cfg: How to?

Hi there,
on a a brand new vanilla Xubuntu 18.04 LVM/ext4 installation I directly installed the urbackup server 2.3.7 and urbackup Linux GUI client 2.3.4 from sources.
So everything is working, I miss the the snapshot.cfg to configure urbackupclient to use LVM snapshots for backup. I am looking forward for a hint where this file is loacted or how else I would get backup via LVM snapshots get started?
In my /usr/local/etc/urbackup/ there are only these 4 files located: mariadbdump.conf mariadbxtrabackup.conf postgresbase.conf postgresqldump.conf . The file “snapshot.cfg” is not there.
Thanks in advance,

See e.g. here: Enable dattobd for Debian clients

except replace dattobd with lvm