Enable dattobd for Debian clients

dattobd is supported on Debian, but the existing UrBackup Linux client script doesn’t allow it. Is there a particular reason for this? I was thinking of just adding next to the existing checks in the install script e.g.,

    if [ $DEBIAN != no ]
        echo "+Detected Debian. Dattobd supported"

… but then the integrity checks fail. However it would seem that all the detection does is change /usr/local/etc/urbackup/snapshot.cfg to:


If I install the script with “4) Use no snapshot mechanism” option, will I only need the above edit to snapshot.cfg to enable dattobd support? Is there any way I can verify dattobd snapshot is being used?

Yes. To verify, look at e.g. the output of mount during backup (plus look at the backup log if it still tells you that it is using no snapshots).

OK. Thanks for the help. It mentions using shadow copies in the logs, and I will check with mount command.