Item to add to default Windows excludes

most of the windows 10 installs always have “Completed with issues” statuses.

It’s amost always a WindowsApp can’t be accessed:

Should something like this be added to the default excludes?

Just thought I’d mention that I’m seeing the same thing on Windows 10 clients.
Did you find a fix?

Add the exclusion manually that I mentioned for now.

I’d like to understand the cause first, before anything is changed. It hasn’ occured on a machine I can investigate yet. But as far as I can see the file(s) are present but cannot be accessed.

Could you post the complete log (from the web interface - info level) of the first backup where this issue occurs? And check if the file exists or not?

More work-intensive would be to watch the backup process in Sysinternals ProcessMonitor if the file is indeed present.

Looks like the problem is they’re 0 byte files :


I don’t see any other WindowsApps folders/files in this directory. This must be a temp location Windows Store downloads files to. Must intermittently leave files behind when a silent upgrade fails?

Now try to open it in editor, or in cmd with type MicrosoftEdge.exe There are a lot of other 0 byte files which it can open so we’ll have to find out why those are different…

These should help:

and trying to rename file in explorer:

I ran a chkdsk /f and there were no problems.
Looks like these files cause intermittent System Restore issues:

That makes the probability high that this is some kind of Windows bug. Weird that chkdsk does not fix it.

I’m hesitant to work around the bug on the UrBackup side. I’d say let’s wait half a year and see if the bug is in the next Windows version.

I’ll put it in my tickle file to check back after the next Win10 milestone. This is occurring in the Win10 April 2018 servicing update (10.0.17134) right now :slight_smile:

Just an update of the topic, as we are quite long after april and even october update, and I still have an error with microsoftedge file

Hi there,
I can second Thario with the issue. On a juvenile Windows 10 Build 1809 installation I face these errors with Urbackup Server 2.3.7 and CBT 2.2.13:

03/19/19 20:59
Error getting complete file “hcWf3CBu5UpfCAmYlRpP|UserA/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsApps/MicrosoftEdge.exe” from ME. Errorcode: CANNOT_OPEN_FILE (3)

03/19/19 20:59
Error getting complete file “hcWf3CBu5UpfCAmYlRpP|UserA/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsApps/Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe/MicrosoftEdge.exe” from ME. Errorcode: CANNOT_OPEN_FILE (3)

I’m working around the error right now by having this in Excluded files (with wildcards):. I think this is a safe global exclude because it’s only “Windows Store” Apps that are excluded from Urbackup…which are backed up/reinstalled by Win10.


Thanks silversword for the hint with the global exclude. I applied it and the errors on my Windows 10 client are gone :+1: