Error getting complete file (CANNOT_OPEN_FILE) for empty files on Windows 10

Running UrBackup Server 2.2.11 with Client 2.2.6 on a Windows 10 machine, I get persistent errors after every file backup, with a small number of error messages of the following form:

Error getting complete file "P57NrbHgi8XxbSE1ZO0V|Users/smiley.SMILEY4/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsApps/MicrosoftEdge.exe" from smiley4. Errorcode: CANNOT_OPEN_FILE (3)

The characteristic that is common to every file that triggers this error seems to be that its “Size on disk” is 0 bytes (when displaying file properties).

Everything else seems to work just fine, and I suppose I could always simply exclude each individual file that triggers this. But I was hoping there might be a more general solution to make the error go away?

I noticed in my case that the offenders all lived under *\WindowsApps\* and excluded that, reasoning apps are easily reinstalled and more reliably than restoring from backup.

Or that if apps are involved I’m more likely to use image restore.

See here for previous discussion on this issue: Item to add to default Windows excludes

I had seen that discussion but will admit I originally dismissed it because not all the files causing me trouble are under WindowsApps — though it turns out all of them are related to various applications. Thanks, I’ll go ahead and exclude those file for now; if I have time to dig deeper and sort out additional details, I’ll add them here.