Is there any way to restore directly from a flashdrive/external drive and not over the internet?

I was wondering if there is any way to restore directly from a flashdrive/external drive and not over the internet? Our company has clients that are quite far from our office (where we host urbackup) which will make the time it takes to restore a backup fairly large.

For a single file, it shouldn’t be too bad to use the self-service restore. But for large quantity of files, or a very large file, they should probably request you do it and send it to them - for a small fee, of course.

I would think your best bet would be to restore the contents to a zip file for your client onto a locally attached ZIP Drive on the machine you are running UrBackup Server (for the fastest speeds using a USB 3.0+ drive). Then ship the USB Drive to the client.

The restore would not be done through UrBackup (at that point), but they would get the file, or collection of files in a zip without having to go through a tiny pipe.

Does that help?

My apologies, it seems I should have been more specific. I mean for restoring a system image to the computer. If there is a way to do what you are saying with image backups then that would be wonderful, but I haven’t found one. I wish I could edit the title, I didn’t notice I messed it up that bad.

UrBackup creates VHD files for images which should be mountable directly from Windows. Conjecture: If the image is compressed, I believe you have to decompress it before you can mount it.
With newer versions of UrBackup, each partition gets its own VHD file, so restoring into a machine would require restoring all the partitions.
There is a Restore CD for UrBackup that runs a version of Linux. There is an article that describes mounting the Linux and using it to restore the files from the command line.
If you combine that with mounting the USB Device from the UrBackup Restore CD by using the Ctrl+Alt+F2 keys at the Welcome screen, you should get a terminal.
Here is an article that talks about mounting the server (assuming the same network), but I would think that mounting the USB with the correct folder should work.

The real question is how do you do that remotely… the only thing I come up with is either:
A) Use an IPKVM to remote over to the machine booting from the Restore CD with the USB Drive attached
B) Fork the Restore CD to start an SSH server and allow some sort of remote access via SSH. I don’t know how to do this, but it seems plausible.

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