Is it possible to change server name?

I was using a server to test remote replication and was going to be relocating to another location afterwards. But instead, I wanted to keep the server here so I don’t have to reassign IP/server names. Is there a way to change the server name so it matches the naming scheme without remaking the server?

If I can change it, would it end up breaking the links for remote replication as well?


For LAN usage, I do not think urbackup server cares at all about server name. Your clients would just need to be able to find the server and the key would need to match. That could be difficult in some situations, but on a basic LAN setup it will just keep working.

For internet clients, I think all you need to do is change “Settings-> General → Internet/Active Clients: Server URL clients connect to:” in the web config of the server. Just have both the old and new DNS names work until all of the clients have updated their local config file. If that can not happen you can update the clients manually:


Thanks for getting back to me. It’s not so much for functionality. The servers set up for business backups and they are named for which location they are. Since I was planning on moving it, I had named it for a different location, but now that it’s here, I wanted to keep it in this location and then stage the existing backup manager here for the other location, but I don’t want name scheme confusion happening.