[SOLVED] Need to change server IP on internet client that can't change settings

I have an Internet client that connected to a server that changed IP address.

The client can no longer connect to the server because it is looking for the old IP. The client is also locked down so changes cannot be made from the client so I cannot update the server IP address with the urbackupclient_cmd.exe.

Is there a way to enable settings changes on the client? This is a cbt client and I don’t want to lose the cbt data…


Ok - figured it out. Since the client machine could not reach the urbackup server because the urbackup server’s public IP address changed I have to do some network funkiness.

I added the old public IP address of the urbackup server as a secondary IP on the client server’s NIC. I then used netsh portproxy to listen locally on the client on ports 55414/55415 and forward any traffic to the new public IP address of the urbackup server. This allowed the client to connect. I then changed the urbackup server configuration so that it used a hostname rather than an IP address for the Internet server. Because the client was connected, it updated the config on the client to use this name. I then just created a DNS entry for that name pointing to the new IP address and the client is back online.

I then remove the netsh portproxy entries and the public IP address from the client NIC and everything is back to normal.

For the record: In this instance directly modifiying “C:\Program Files\UrBackup\urbackup\data\settings.cfg” (setting internet_server_name) then restarting the client service (UrBackupClientBackend) would be okay. Normally one shouldn’t do that since it get’s overwritten by the client server settings exchange.

But modifying it before the IP changes or using a DNS is the better solution :wink:

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