IPv6 Support Plans

Pretty straight forward question… Is there plans for IPv6 support?

At some point it will be added. If people ask for it sooner, rather than later. You are the first one to ask for it.

Thanks for the reply. I would definitely love it ;D

+1 :slight_smile:

Looking at netstat, I see urbackup_srv is explicitly only listening on Given that my ISP doesn’t give me an IPv4 to work with, I would very much like to be able to connect using v6, rather than having to resort to an extra VPN round-trip.

If I am willing to dig around in the code, do you have any hints on where to start?

It’s probably only relevant for the “Internet” backup. So probably only here for the server:

and here for the client:

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Unfortunatelly it does not stop at the internet clients…
Local clients will use IPv6 too… with multiple Addresses assigned to them…
Best Solution for Local backups would be using the Link Local ( FE80:: ) with an assigned link local multicast address ( FF02:… )
Broadcasts do no longer exist in IPv6…

on a similar note, how are clients identified right now? I had the same hostname on a windows and linux dualboot, and it seemed like it was trying to use the same node…

Please remember to vote for this feature on Does UrBackup offer ipv6 support?

This is currently being implemented! Try and test it!