Incrimenal backup makes full backup

Hello everyone!
The problem is when i set up an incrimental backup and no changes made in files everything is ok, backup is very small. But if i add new file in my backup directory it makes full backup during incrimental. In web client it shows only the size of added file as a backup size, but on the destination disk i see full size backup.

Anyone knows how to solve this?

Local or internet backup?

What are these settings?

LAN file backup.

LAN backup because it’s got more bandwidth available will do full file copies.

If you want UrBackup to only copy block differences force the client to internet mode which will use more client resources to calculate hashes, but then UrBackup will only copy block differences.

Provide pictures of sizes if you think something else is going on.

I think you got me wrong. Full file copy is ok, problem is when i add one file to backup dir urbackup copies the full directory, instead of copying just the one new file. There was no other changes in any file and i expect that Incrimental type of backup copies only files that were changed or added, not the full dir\file copy.

Make sure you are not misunderstanding something: Incremental Backup

Oh, thank you! NOW i get it! So i suppose this thing with hardlinks can’t be switched off?