Incremental File backups problem

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Thank you very much to developers those who develop this world class platform for backup.

I’m little bit confused with Incremental backups so as you see in image below
there are many Incremental backup and changes between backups are very little like few MB’s but each time they do random size backup and when i check into actual backup disk the size of backup is different. which is most of time 10-30% more then what it shows in this image.
For examples
Day ------ Incremental ----- size
06/30/17----- Yes ---------- 317.18MB
07/03/17----- Yes --------- 336.77MB
but actually there was about 5MB data change, between 06/30/17 to 07/03/17.

My 1st Question is why incremental backup is not doing only 5MB backup instead of 336.77MB.? *otherwise its kind of full back)
2nd Question is why it is showing me different - different data size in this image and in backup disk *

please suggest me if i’m missing something. i tried to look about it but couldn’t the find right information.

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I think the simplest way to get the correct disk usage is to look at the whole partition disk usage.
In a lot of way, the disk usage and speed reported by urbackup look strange, but after digging, i never found it to be incorrect.

Sometime, the size/speed displayed, is what would have been used without dedup, sometime, it s the actual on disk usage for that new backup. Sometime it s also thrown off by sparse files. I think the stats page accounts for inter server dedup differently.
If you look at it outside urbackup A lot of disk usage reporting utilities ar thrown off by sparse files, symlink, hardlink, refllink.

thank you so much for your reply, yea same thing i digged in and found nothing incorrect. in each incremental backup i found shortcuts leading to full files but still it’s strange. but like this it takes lots of disk space.

Solution found

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