Incremental file backups left without full file backup?

I wonder how this works:

  1. There’s a full file backup
  2. Then there are few incremental backups.
  3. Full backup is deleted (automatic)
  4. Incremental backups are preserved without full backup.
  5. Incremental “abandoned” (without full backup) backups are deleted daily.

I wonder why are they left when there is no full file backup? Is this incremental backup usefull?!

The incremental file backups are filled out from the previous backups when the backup is run so each is “full” in the sense that they contain all the files. The incremental/full refers to the data copied from the computer being backed up.

An incremental attempts to minimize the backup transfer by only copying files that have changed. The full backups ensure that if a file has altered but the change has not been detected it is eventually copied.

The process is documented in the administration manual.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Now I feel a bit stupid for not looking at the docs before asking. Lesson lerned. :slight_smile: