Import / export / portable server for seeding capability


It should be very nice to add to UrBackup the ability to import a backup coming from another UrBackup server.
For example, a nice process would be to have a “portable” version of UrBackup server copied on a USB disk that we could send on the site to backup.
Then, after plugging the disk on the remote client, installing the UrBackup client on the client computer / server, we could launch the UrBackup server portable version on the client, attach the client to the portable server, and launch a full file backup or a full image backup,
After that, shutting down the server and bringing the USB Disk on the site where live the final UrBackup server, plug the disk on this server and import client and its backup from the GUI.
Maybe a such process should be easy to accomplished and it may be appreciated by many users whose clients have gigs of data for the first full backup !


Feature Request - External archiving would de need this feature.