Feature Request - External archiving

First, many thanks and respect for this great software.
It should be a nice feature - a possibility to copy selected for archiving backups to external storage or volume (USB-Drives/FTP/NFS etc.). Same (or about) feature exist in BackupPC for creating a timed slice of backup (archive host). It may be filesystem with or without deduplication/compression/symlinking - simply imaging of some full backups in any form (even a one big archive). One of the reasons - UrBackup software/hardware possible crash with loss of all months/years archives. Any method for time-slicing of archive will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


I’m interested too.
Great software :slight_smile:


I’d like this as well. It would also expand available storage space to be able to use another volume for long term archives.

It will be a great feature to off-site archiving backups