Image restore - Fails

G’day all,

Urbackup Server Version = 2.4.7 Beta
Urbackup Client Version = 2.4.6 Beta
Urbackup Restore CD = 3.0.0 Beta

I’m running client on a Hyper V server which is set up as a Terminal Server.
I’ve successfully completed an image backup over the internet.

When I go to test a restore I have spun up a Virtualbox VM using similar HDD size, memory, etc. I’ve also tried spinning it up on the original Hyper V Host. But both show up as the same error below.

Error message when running the restoreCd.iso is that it is stuck on:

Testing partition availability… trying to fix LBA partitioning scheme via fdisk…

Which it continues to do until it times out of retries and shows:

Following error happened: Restore partition not available. How to continue?
r Restart restore
s Stop restore

Here is a potential solution using the gparted script… I dont’ know - Restore partition not available

Happy to retrieve any logs or what not.

Thanks in advance.