Image Block Checksum Error

When backing up clients over wifi, I get the error “Checksum for image block wrong. Stopping image backup.” Is there a fix or setting I can try to avoid this?

If you can recompile you could increase this one: ( max_num_hash_errors after which it stopps the backup is 10 per default).

I’d look into updating wifi drivers/devices to stop the network corruption. It is not normal and probably causes problems in other areas as well.

Finally, you could connect your client via Internet mode. The encryption/compression there will take care of network corruption.

I agree that stopping the network corruption is best, but the device and access point are using the latest driver/firmware.

How do I force the Internet mode for a machine on the LAN?

Specifically running "C:\Program Files\UrBackup\enable_internet_only.bat" as admin on the client is an easy solution.

Got it! Thank you so much.

I confirm that using the internet mode solved the data corruption during upload on several machines connected via wifi.