I need help with internet backup

I am running UrBackup on a Ubuntu vps I am trying to get my clients on my network to be able to reach the backup server as a remote backup server. I have double checked Internet server name/IP: & Internet server port: on client and server end and I have already set port forwarding rule on the firewall… still the client is not showing as online.

Hello @Chavele

What version of the server are you using?
Did you enabled debug mode on both client and server?
Do you have a front-end to serve requests to urbackup-server end-point?
Any firewall enabled on your vps?
You should also double check your DNS configuration if you try to reach server through a domain name.

If using beta version I recommend reading the following: Server 2.5.25/Client 2.5.19 (updated)

Go through the administration documentation again and double check that your configuration looks coherent. UrBackup - Server administration manual


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