I have a request

Each client can set its own backup destination directory, and file backup can be compressed

So you want user to be able to set their own backup destination? So “random user” will choose to backup his desktop folder to documents folder - when hard disk fails, all of his files are gone because you let user choose backup location (backed folder from c: drive into c: drive) which is a very bad request. I will downvote 100%
Only admins should be able to choose backup locations, not random users

That’s not exactly what was said/asked for. I would love it if (where the admin allowed it for a given client) the client side could specify/change where it’s backups would be stored. You certainly wouldn’t allow that on the client side on machines where “random end users” were the primary users, but there are lots of instances where that’s not the case.

But as to file compression, you can specify (at least under Windows) that the backup repository be stored in a location that can be, and is, compressed by Windows itself.

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exmple , client A backup to target is server1:D, client B backup to target is ServerB:D.

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I am confused about your last message. And that’s because I am presuming one, and only one, server on any given LAN while there may be a multitude of clients.

I could see wanting Client A, using Server-1-and-Only, to have that server use a specific backup repository for that client, and Client B using the same server to backed up to a different repository on a different drive.

Based on what is currenty said in the Admin Guide, Section 8.1.1 Backup storage path, this is not possible and would likely require some major rewriting of the server side. What I get out of the Admin Guide is that there is one, unified, backup repository used by the sole server on a LAN (possibly for internet backup, too) for ALL clients it backs up. You can’t separate out specific clients to different backup repositories and have the server juggle different ones.

I know a software is acronis 。 each backup client can be set a diffient target directory. all of backup can be compress .

No snark intended, but if that’s the case, Acronis deserves consideration.

I understand why you ask, but unless I’m wrong (which is possible) UrBackup does not support this and from what I can tell it’s not likely to do so in anything like “the near term.”

Tool to task, and if one doesn’t suit and another does, go with that other.

acronis is too expensive, one client cost 200$ of one year

Interesting idea, would you elaborate on reasoning or describe a use case for such configuration? What would be the benefit for the client or the server? Thanks is advance.

@free_yang you mean two separate UrBackup Servers in one network? Or One UrBackup Server with two storage backends/servers.

do you know veritas backup exec ? bakup can be save to network share,many network share。

the files backup function can’t compress,only image can compress。 i want files backup compress too。

OK I see what you mean. On my systems, compression part is being done on the storage level (ZFS).

In theory (and, in practice) there could be one UrBackup Server that is “the master coordinator” of all backing up but many, many, many more clients than it’s probable that the server would have the storage space to back up.

To me, it would make sense to allow the client side to specify where its backups go so that not all the storage load is on the server end.

In a non-client server arrangement (and examples abound) for backup each machine specifies where it’s backups go. When I use other packages that aren’t client-server, each machine is responsible for choosing where the backups go. In the case of client-server, the easiest way to implement this sort of arrangement seems to me to allow the client to specify where the backup is placed rather than having the server, and the server alone, be responsible for the one, and only, backup location.

For example, the backup is not same. It needs to be backed up to a different server. some need to backed to tape, and some just need to backed to a server。 so, each backup can be set own target。

for example , i have three clients need to backup . however , they are not same data type . i need to bakup to three severs。 A Client’s data need to save to ever and to tape。B client’s data need to save three months. C clients’s data is disk image. i just need to save to a week。

now Urbackup only can be save to the same folder.

another example , on the same windows client, i need to backup data and C disk image. the data need to save to ever. the disk image only a week . i need they can be save to different target。

i am a Chinese, my english is not very good.

i mean ,Urbackup program can be use network share。each backup can be backup to a diffierent network share target。 urbackup allows you to set up multiple repositories that can be shared using network storage.