Hyper-V live migrated vms show as new


We started using UrBackup for backing up our Hyper-V servers after using it for our hardware servers for a while.

We have 7 Hyper-V servers clustered in a Windows Failover Cluster. Backing up works as expected until a vm is migrated from one server to another. It then shows up as a new client with a new name, for example “ServerA[VM1]” is now “ServerB[VM1]”. It is not renamed but shows up as an additional client which is not a member of the group our vms are in.

Is this the expected behavior or did I overlook something?

Thanks for your help!

Weird, it should rename the client and usually the problem is that it does… (Though it needs a relatively new server version for that to work).

It uses the VMId to detect renames (powershell Get-VM | fl VMName,VMId). Maybe you could post/send some logs as described in Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting ? Thanks!

Hello Uroni,

the problem was resoved after I reinstalled the UrBackup server. It is now working as expected!:slight_smile: