How to migrate/replace the storage hard drive?

I would like to replace my local storage hard drive with a new one. Old drive is starting to show signs of failing and need to replace with a new and possibly larger drive. (I should add that this drive only contains the urbackup storage files and nothing else.)
My problem is, I read in the manual that I can migrate the old drive to a new one - but - I can find nowhere exactly how to do this. I am an “older mature analog techie” and this kind of process does not come automatically
Could at least one more expert than I give me a step by step description of how to do this? A very simple process seemingly. Just transferring the contents of 1 storage hard drive to another (new) drive within the same server/PC/computer.
I did wonder if it could be done by just simply cloning the old drive to a new one, is that possibly easier for me in the long run. (Am used to cloning and have software to do that.)
Many thanks for any help.

First question, what is the OS of your server?

Its just a Windows 10 PC which I use as a “server”. It has a few other central archiving purposes. but really just a standard Win 10 PC.

There’ve been discussions about this topic here before, I guess if you search for them you’d find all the options. A quick search e.g. got me this: Moving UrBackup to new server?

I always advocated for the moving the backup storage on the volume/whole disk level. That way you’d not have to move all those files (performance) and it’s guaranteed that all hard links are still correct (and if you assign the same letter/path afterwards all symlinks).

Another options is 10.8 Migrate non-btrfs backup storage in the admin manual.

Apologises for my delayed response, but I have been sidetracked by a little problem called a major operation.
I am aware of the instructions in the official manual for migrating to a new hard drive, but that is why I asked up top for a much clearer idea (step by step) of how to do that. Because to this older analog techie “bear of little brain”, I really have no idea of the actual steps involved.I would be happy to do it that way, but I need a clearer explanation.
And without trying to be pointed, sometimes I find that such explanations seem to assume you do actually know how such things are typically done. It doesn’t help when you really don’y know.
The other thread I can follow to some extent and I was wondering if the cloning software I generally use (True Image 2013) would do the job. Though I think I struck problems there trying to make a copy of the backup storage drive before.
So, my preference would be a step by step explanation of how to Migrate (as per the manual), if anyone would be able to help I would very much appreciate it.