How to manually delete backups


So, for certain reasons I needed to manually delete the backup images from the urbackup backup folder. Backups are running again, but I see in the logs that every day when it runs the cleanup process, it keeps trying to cleanup those old backups that are already gone, and doesn’t seem to be removing the entries from its internal list of backups, so it goes through and tries again the next day, and so on and so forth… Any way I can clean this up myself?


This removes the entries from UrBackup’s database:


Unfortunately, the link no longer works.


For reference, this is the section:

11.4 Cleaning the storage folder of files not known by UrBackup

Sometimes, e.g., by using a database backup, there are backups in the storage directory which UrBackup
does not know about, i.e., there are no entries for those backups in the database. Or there are
entries in the database which are not in the storage directory (any more). In those cases the

urbackupsrv remove-unknown

on GNU/Linux or on Windows:


removes files and folders in the urbackup storage directory which are not present in the UrBackup

This also goes over all symlinks and corrects them if necessary.


So in order to remove some image backups manually, we just have to delete the matching subvolumes (with BTRFS storage) from the storage and run urbackupsrv remove-unknown ?
Or do we have to delete matching entries from backup_server.db and run urbackupsrv remove-unknown ?



Either of that will work.


This thread is getting a lot of interest. So a “delete backup” button is definitely on the roadmap.


hi, how to and where to run remove.bat and where to get it??


hi, please help in cleaning up old backup…its flooding my storage…


Assuming you’re referring to a Windows Host;


normally it is this:

C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\remove.bat

If your storage is flooding, you should tone down how many backups your server will hold.
If you are backing up 200 machines to one box and letting them have no less than 10 full file backups each… then you would probably have no space, especially in this ridiculous scenario.