Forcing Internet Backup

Hey everyone - So i have a urbackup client on a hosted server - it seems like its picking up a server within the hosted environment and trying to backup “locally” to that server - is there a way to force it to backup to the internet and not locally, I have searched and the methods I found do not seem to be working for me yet, unless I am doing it incorrectly.

Thank you.

For the Windows Client there is enable_internet_only.bat in the ProgramFiles\UrBackup folder. Under Linux/*BSD change the INTERNET_ONLY value in /etc/default/urbackupclient and restart the Client. You can also change the server to connect only to Internet clients as described in this post.

Thanks for the help, that worked.
It seems the internet auth password changed, so was bringing up the password error, which I presumed was the password for the incorrect local server - but it was in fact for the internet server
After updating the auth password and running the bat it worked perfectly.