Enable internet only mode


I would like to enable “internet_only_mode” on the server side on Debian 9.

This option is available on Windows Server in the following configuration file :
C:\Programmes\UrbackupServer\args.txt with this option :


Is there a similar config file to edit on Debian 9 to enable this feature ?
If this is possible, with what arguments ?

Thanks in advance for your responses,


It’s in /etc/default/urbackupclient (needs service restart).


thanks for your answer, but this path is only for the client side.

Is this possible to enable internet only mode on the server ? without making a configuration on the client ?


Sry, misread. You can add a line INTERNET_ONLY=false to /etc/default/urbackupsrv (or start the server with urbackupsrv run -i).

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Thanks Uroni !
This is what i looked for !


Hello Michal,

  • This is INTERNET_ONLY on Debian
  • This is INTERNET_ONLY_MODE on Windows

So I take it is INTERNET_ONLY for FreeBSD?

Yes, INTERNET_ONLY ( https://github.com/uroni/urbackup_backend/blob/45e6d3d6385dd0b8a9c100703433177ae3747d4f/urbackupserver/cmdline_preprocessor.cpp#L303 )

That explains a lot, thank you.

it should have two “–”


Shouldn’t it be INTERNET_ONLY=true?

Bump. It should be “true”, not false, to force internet only for all clients, yes?

I added this to /etc/default/urbackupsrv and restarted it on my ubuntu backup server, and now UrBackup says all my clients (same LAN as backup server) are offline, and clients that previously had successful backups now all show “No recent backup”. Any ideas?

You need to follow the step by step given elsewhere is my guess. The internet client needs a key differing for each client with the matching key on the server client definition for security. Whithout this setup the server rejects the client.

See the Internet clients documentation for how to set up non-local clients. Also see Internet settings for configuration details.