Folder already exists and metadata failure

I keep seeing these message across my devices. there is currently 4 servers experiencing this backup issue.

2016-12-08 04:47:54(warning): Directory “/big/urbackup/” does already exist. - File exists (errorcode=17)
2016-12-08 04:47:54(error): Writing directory metadata to “/big/urbackup/” failed.

any ideas why i keep seeing this?

It started happening after cleaning my database last week. so i figured it was an issue with the incrementals due to that so i set all my servers to do fulls and i still see this issue.

Is it with btrfs mode? Which server version?

Was RestofPath previously a symbolic link and is now a folder?

Hi, I have the same problem.
Yes, this is btrfs mode and server version 2.1.19.
No, I don’t think the RestofPath in my case could be previously a symbolic link. It is backup of a SMB share (does not have any links).

Warnings - Directory “/srv/urbackup/vserwertk/171124-1209/Home/username/Project name/AC Address FTP” does already exist.
Warnings - Directory “/srv/urbackup/vserwertk/171124-1209/.hashes/Home/username/Project name/AC Address FTP” does already exist. - File exists (code: 17)
Errors - Writing directory metadata to “/srv/urbackup/vserwertk/171124-1209/.hashes/Home/username/Project name/AC Address FTP/.dir_metadata” failed.
Errors - Fatal error during backup. Backup not completed
Errors - Backup failed

Hi, I have had this problem, too :wink:

In my case it had to do with BTRFS not being used correctly.

Check if /etc/urbackup/backupfile and /var/urbackup/backupfile contain the right backup path name on the BTRFS drive.


Its “backupfolder” and yes it points to proper path in both places.