File restore fails "No rights to access any files + Error getting server URL. Cannot access files."

I was having issues with Windows so decided to do a fresh install after having had backups running for about a year.

Went to attempt to restore from backup after reinstalling urbackup client, received the error in the title. Access to the server is fine and this has never been an issue in the past.

I’ve seen multiple posts regarding this issue, but no resolutions. Backup software isn’t very effective if you can’t restore (sorry I’m annoyed). I can access the backup server from the computer having issues, but manually downloading files is a pain.

Please let me know what information I can provide in order to get this issue resolved.

This sounds like you are saying that you rebuilt the machine, then reinstalled the backup client on the newly built machine.

If you did this, without copying over the client key info, then you have what amounts to a totally different system, and it will not have access to look at the backups for the old version of your machine.

Since you have full backups, copy that key info from the \Program Files\UrBackup folder and ensure that your newly rebuilt system is understood by the UrBackup as its former self.

I recently did this with a laptop I rebuilt. Before installing the client on my laptop that was rebuilt, I copied the UrBackup folder to the machine from the backups, and then reinstalled the client over those files, and as soon as UrBackup came up, my laptop and the server recognized each other.


I didn’t really “rebuild” the machine, I just did a clean Windows install on it and then reinstalled the client from the server, so I thought the client key info would have come with the client when I downloaded the version for this client.

Thank you for the info, I’ll try what you’ve suggested here.

Understood. I took “rebuild” to mean “reinstalled the OS, clean” vs “hardware reconfiguration”.

I’d be interested to know if you were able to get things working the way you wanted.

I previously created the following feature request, btw: Make it easier to backup client settings within a client job


Sorry, it’s been a day…

I unfortunately didn’t quite get things going the way I wanted, but I was able to get backups set back up. I didn’t have Program Files\UrBackup in my backups so the .txt files to identify the client/server were gone.

I was able to get my files by manually downloading them and changing the ownership to myself once in-place on the system which did the trick. I now know for the future to make sure the UrBackup folder in Program files with the .txt files is also backed up, thank you for that tid bit.

I am 100% going to upvote your feature request, the restore/backup process should have some way of including absolutely everything required to ensure a operations go smoothly.

Thank you for your responses, this will help to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes in the future.

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You are very welcome.

I’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t salvage everything you needed from your backups.

I didn’t have the right data in my file backups either, but I was fortunate that when I first implemented UrBackup, I had performed several image backups, which I later stopped due to space management (but I did not delete them).

I have setup a script to copy the TXT and XML files within the UrBackup folder, to a subfolder that I am backing up, so that I don’t have to backup the entire UrBackup folder…