Make it easier to backup client settings within a client job

It would be nice to be able to easily backup the UrBackup settings of a client system without backing up the entire \UrBackup folder.

If the config files were in their own subfolder, or there was a setting that would just backup the configuration files with each client job, that would be cool.

I was actually fortunate that at one point, I did an entire image backup of the system in question, and so when I rebuilt it recently (after a full drive failure), I grabbed the install folder from that old image backup, copied it over to the new machine instance, and then reinstalled the backup agent over it.

It started the backup right away, in continuity with the past jobs.

That would be helpful without needing to rely on an image backup, or the entire UrBackup folder.


Just before I said something, I wanted to double check the documentation for doing file restores. There’s absolutely no mention of needing any of the .txt files from the install location (Program Files\UrBackup) in order for bare metal file restores to work properly - which there should be.

Had I only needed to recover some files that had been deleted/corrupted or something else of that nature I probably wouldn’t have had a problem, but they don’t cover scenarios which deal with complete clean OS installs and restoring files from there. I suppose I could have tried to restore from an image, but the entire reason I did a clean install was to fix Windows being slow at booting on an NVMe drive - restoring an image would have recreated this.

@BrainWaveCC Thank you again for your help with my issue by the way.

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