Feature Request: Email Notification of Clients Not Backed Up

Hello. Is there any way to get notifications of clients that haven’t backed up in a certain number of days? It would be nice to be able to have Urbackup send my clients an email notifying them that they haven’t backed up recently.



This times 1000. I don’t care if it DID backup, I care if it DIDN’T backup. Major difference, especially when I might have dozens or hundreds of clients.

I have a workaround for this. Windows notes:

  1. Use a post-backup script on the client to write a file somewhere when the backup is successful, see postfilebackup or postimagebackup in the documentation.

  2. Run a batch file daily/weekly via Windows Task Scheduler to check for the file. “if not exist”… then run a command line email program (switchmail is a good choice) to notify you that a backup hasn’t been successful in the last day/week. If the log file does exist then delete the success log file so tomorrow/next week it can be tested for again.

This method, while generally reliable, has several possible failure modes (client is turned off during check, email authentication changes… just to name two off the top of my head), which makes a built-in server function still a preferred feature.

Hello update to latest versions of urbackup, there s mail notification (it s also scriptable if default doesn t fit you) and a fix for not alert in case no backup is disabled for a server.

Thanks. I have the latest server, where can I configure it to send an email if a client never tries to backup?

If you possibly have dozens or hundreds of clients, you might also have a monitoring system. So maybe my prometheus exporter is of use to you? I generate alerts with prometheus when (time() - backup_lasttime) > x so I get alerts when there never was a backup (time() > x) or the last backup is older than x seconds.

In the mail tab, set your email. As i remember, the alerts are enabled by defaut.
But maybe just look a bit around the UI and check by yourself if it s enabled

The alerts that it sends to me are every time a backup either finishes successfully, or fails to finish with an error. It has never sent me an email to indicate that a backup never started (like if the client Urbackup service dies and won’t start) or that a backup hasn’t been successful in X days. Are you saying that it is supposed to be doing that already?


Maybe it s bugged, because i never received such a mail as well, one the other hand at home i rarely have issue with my backups and at the office there are lot of clients but we don t use mail notifications.

I just did read the script and if the status is not ok since 3 times the backup frequency, you should receive a mail.
It s in the settings, alert tab, edit script and it s not hard to read.

–Time in seconds till file backup status is not ok
local file_backup_nok = file_interval*params.alert_file_mult - params.passed_time_lastbackup_file
if file_backup_nok<0
ret=ret + 1

--Send warning mail only once on status becoming not ok

I think we’re on to something because I don’t have an Alert tab. Mine is on Windows, UrBackup Server 2.1.19 Rev. 0816eab977

There’s no newer download on the main website, are you running beta?

Haa yes, it s 2.2.4 beta |