Explicit "Use settings from Server" option in preconfigured client installer UI

Especially if clients don’t have permission to set them on the server to start with, I know you can cancel out when presented with the pick directories dialogue, that’s not exactly intuitive though. OK the first attempted backup you start fails quickly & then afterward everything works as expected.

The problem comes when people SET directories, & then changes to the server settings get ignored. I know to cancel out now, but I learned by doing it wrong, might save people issues if it were obvious to begin with.

Feels odd being even asked for directories on a client when I know I set that client not to have permission to set them.

If I understand you correctly… I have written a post about a similar problem (solution at the end of it):

Should be fixed with 2.5.x. Please help testing :slight_smile: https://forums.urbackup.org/c/testing

I will definitely help in testing and write detailed reports if I find problems! :sunglasses:
My first priority now is to prepare the Urbaskup server template for the current stable version in production. I’m just on a deadline.

When approximately you plan to release version 2.5 as stable, so that it can be used in production?
If a few weeks, then I stop testing version 2.4 and immediately start testing 2.5.

@Dmitrius7 I’ve worked around it & “solved” it too locally, just being essentially lazy I’d rather not have to work around interesting quirks, hence posting as a feature request. It only took making, saving, & then reversing & saving a trivial config change on the server, as quickly as it took to type, after which suddenly settings.cfg was updated on the client & the client had paths, exclusions, etc. defined.

Looks like @uroni was already on the case though.
My clients are already on the beta track, 2.4.9-cbt beta, CBT disabled except where licenced & set to auto update, so I should end up an early adopter.

I may test interoperability with server 2.4.12 on a client where it doesn’t matter, or outright testing 2.5.x once I’ve cleared up after storage migration which is still ongoing.