/etc/sysconfig/urbackup missing

I recently installed 2.4.15 server on Rocky Linux 8 using the OpenSUSE repo, and I appear to be missing the /etc/sysconfig/urbackup file.

In the Debian world, I believe this file is /etc/default/urbackup.

I’m assuming that this file is supposed to be installed as part of the package. I can’t find a copy of this file to create it from scratch, though my Google-fu may be failing me here.

I’m trying to change some settings which I believe only live in this file, but since I don’t have this file, I’m struggling to make this changes.

Hi Nick,

In my Rocky Linux install, the file is at /etc/sysconfig/urbackup-server . Is that the one you’re looking for?

Yes, that’s probably the file. The systemd service on that server is pointing at /etc/sysconfig/urbackup, though I believe that the file was named urbackup-server at one point in time.

It looks like my problem is related to: Centos 8 rpm package partialy broken

Hi Nick,

I hadn’t even noticed that… If it helps, the last two Rocky Linux 8 installs I did for Urbackup-server were all done using the CentOS 7 repositories, which works just fine as far as I can see. If you keep having issues, you could try the CentOS 7 repo on RL8 until the RL8 repo is fixed?