Estimated 24 days to perform a File Backup

I just installed version 1.4.8 in a Freenas 9.3 Jail and Client is 1.4.8 on a Win7 Machine. the Full File Backup is still at 0% and has an ETA of just over 24 days. Is there anything i am missing? And what additional info can i provide you?

This is the only known issue in this area: Slow Windows Client backups? (Plus this perhaps Backup very slow )

I’ve been through both of those and tried all suggestions but nothing changed… since last post, system is now at 9%…I installed client on my laptop to see what would happen, and it did an image and file backup in just under 2 hours… Server seems to be fine, client software is also fine… Beginning to wonder if it is something to do with onboard ethernet controller… I have reinstalled the drivers for it, but no change. Just a thought…