Error with backup


I have a client which is refusing to do full or incremental backups (Windows 10) although the Image is backing-up correctly.

I’ve deleted and re-installed the client software, deleted/renamed the client but sill always the same issue. URBackup is running on Linux:

2018-05-31 22:15:14: ERROR: Constructing of filelist of “DLAKE-YOGA900” failed: error - prefilebackup script failed with error code -1073741502
2018-05-31 22:15:15: ERROR: Backup had an early error. Deleting partial backup.

All my other clients work perfectly.



Any chance of some help here please. The message is utterly cryptic and gives no indication of where the problem may lie…

Thank you in advance.



Thank you!!! I will try that now…

Pleased to report that deleting the prefetch batch file has cured the problem. Thank you!

This solution is helpful, but only useful if you’re not actually trying to use prefilebackup.bat say to stop a database service by net stop "service name" or un-mount Truecrypt/Veracrypt containers by commandline.

For anyone reading this later error code -1073741502 -

The application failed to initialize properly. Indicates that the application has been launched on a Desktop to which the current user has no access rights. Another possible cause is that either gdi32.dll or user32.dll has failed to initialize.

Which makes this exit code completely logical given the backup client backend runs in the SYSTEM account, which has no desktop.

Batch files might not be the best way to handle pre and post backup commands on Windows, since Microsoft are busy trying to hide cmd.exe & pretend it doesn’t exist… after all it’s not pretty Microsoft blue like power-shell…

@uroni Is this being called in a way which tries to open a command window? Batch files usually do… Even an empty one will launch CMD.EXE to be parsed… I remember running into similar issues trying to schedule a batch file under Windows 2003. Ended up having to run it in my own account and mess with it’s properties to make it run minimized.

It runs it as cmd /C "C:\Program" "files\UrBackup\prefilebackup.bat" (with _popen). This works at a large majority of machines. So far I can see no information on what could be special about the few machines where this does not work and have to assume it is some restriction on running batch files or a virus scanner.

I got a problem with some other scheduled tasks that needs to open a windows to work (they aren’t truely commandline), you may try this workaround.

Create folders named Desktop in directories
using the command prompt by running the following commands:
md C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\Desktop
md C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\Desktop

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Nothing particularly special about the machine I have the issue on, virus scanner = default Microsoft offering, unless being joined to AD counts as “special”

Win 10 pro 32 bit. Updates are all current, I’ve no idea what the cause is, but I stated the meaning of that return code, happens with the default file too.

I am trying to figure out what’s up with it though, I’m not the first to have the issue :slight_smile:
Unfortunately it doesn’t even do it consistently, when it’s misbehaving if I cd to the UrRbackup directory and run it manually from a command prompt, it just returns as you’d expect, just like when the problem isn’t happening, with one key difference :
ECHO %ERRORLEVEL% returns 9009 when it’s misbehaving, that one equates roughly to “bad command or filename”.

Must confess I’m stumped as to a real cure that’d make the file useable, that particular machine the idea was NET STOP Diskeeper and then start it in postbackup.bat, figured stopping it defragging at the same time was probably a good plan, no sense overwhelming VSS…

For now I’ve gone with simply renaming it. Stops me investigating, but other fish to fry at present, I might look more when I’ve more time. But that might indeed offer a fix.