"Error starting file metadata download thread"

Hi All,

I get the error message in the title for one of our UrBackup clients. It occurs about once a week for incremental backups and then the next backup usually succeeds.

The only reference to this error that I found online, is this issue, but in my case, both client and server are Linux based, and all in all, I couldn’t see how that issue can help me.

When the problem occurs, there is nothing in the urbackup log on the client, and on the server, I only see this:

2018-06-10 10:35:05: Loading file "iif.conf" (metadata only) 2018-06-10 10:35:05: Flushing FileClient...

( As opposed to a logging of the backup activity )

So anyone knows what is going on? Or at least how I can further debug this?

UrBackup version is 2.1.20

Many thanks,