Error getting file backups

Does terminal client support showing files that were backed up?


urbackupclientctl browse

in the terminal, got

Error getting file backups

Might be related to this thread I registered before, not entirely sure.

Server OS: CentOS 7, version 2.1.14
Client OS: CentOS 6, version

Is this an upgraded client?
If yes, does it have account/group names with upper case letters?

If it is upgraded, could you delete the contents of /usr/local/var/urbackup/tokens, then run a full file backup and then try again?

By upgraded do you mean did I freshly install it or did I upgrade from a
previous version? I think I upgraded it some time ago but I’m not sure
when. I’ll check account names on the machine in the morning but AFAIK
it’s all lowercase.

Checked my server:

No names or groups that contain upper case
Deleted the contents of that folder, ran the backup, zero effect.

Anything else I could try?