Error creating mountpoint [urbackup_mount_helper]



UrBackup failes to mount image backups in GUI, mount-button is there, but files doesn’t appear.

UrBackup Server 2.1.18 on Ubuntu 16.04

I tried recovering the UrBackup server from a failed system disk around a year ago, and some back and forth. The server has been running smooth since. I think the problem lies somewhere in the settings, remembering a previous path.

Current backup path is: /mnt/backup1/urbackup

Tried running the mount helper:

:~# urbackup_mount_helper mount CLIENT 170211-1922_Image_C Image_C_170211-1922.vhdz
Error creating mountpoint at "/mnt/backup1/no_dice/CLIENT/170211-1922_Image_C/contents". Err: 2

As you see, the command refers to an old path I used for testing. Found this:

:~# cat /var/urbackup/backupfolder

Tried editing the file and restarting the UrBackup service, but still not working. Is the path saved somewhere else? The settings page is showing the correct path:

Mounting images when running in an LXD container does not work

nvm, found a reference in /etc/urbackup/backupfolder, changed this to the correct path and that solved the issue.


Hello! Just comment. This issue occurs when you change backup destination. Then if you trying to mount backup image this error showing in web interface. Solution is to open /etc/urbackup/backupfolder file and correct path with any text editor.