"ERROR" Creating directory [correct folder name] failed. File exists (errorcode=17)


  • Server v2.5.31 (QNAP QTS v4.3.4)
  • Client v2.5.25 (Windows 10 x64)

We have a few desktops backing up ok to the server, however the above error stops one of the desktops backing up, we checking the store disk, the folder does exist AND does have data in it, so this looks like a specific issue with just this system, is it the folder issue or a file inside that folder?, after the client was installed its never been restarted, how would we debug this?

Its never completed a file backup, it has however completed an image backup ok… any ideas?

Please post some logs

We may have found the problem, will post to confirm in 24-48 hours…

The directory in question (c:\users\name\appdata) turns out it does actually have the same folder name, so the error is correct, so this raises a question, how did windows manage this… well the folder on the host system to be backed up looked like the below:

  • appdata\Roaming\Adobe
  • appdata\Roaming\□Adobe
  • appdata\Roaming\□Adobe
  • appdata\Roaming\□Adobe
  • appdata\Roaming\□Adobe

It appears “□” was how Windows showed the character that was in the folder name that couldn’t display, we had no issues deleting the duplicating directories, so think the first character was indeed unique, seems like that bulked UrBackup (trying to create the same folder on the target storage system), a bug? on how UrBackup handles Windows folder / filenames when its in a character it doesnt recognize, would have been nice just to skip those folders and logged them as not backed up as they appear to be a duplicate rather than bulking the whole backup with an error (we had it happen 4+ times as its set to do 1 hour incremental).

The error though did not list the above directory, so finding this was complete random luck (and hoping this was the problem, hence the lead time to allow a few tests to confirm)

Deleting the original folders (on the host) that appear to be duplicates fixed the issue, further the server also removed the failed backup attempts and all the folder contents

I seem to be having a similar issue. Not sure what is causing this, but this is my error message in the Infscape UI:

Error creating directory trans_5/7309/730901 for GET-file with key 7309/730901. File exists (code: 17)

I tried a completely fresh install of an Infscape appliance, error persists. Windows 10 client. It’s incredibly frustrating.