Delete data on client after backup

I have a client internal backup process with is running periodically (via cronjob).
Because I do not want that the client can delete / edit its backed up data on the backup server I am not writing e.g. to a mounted directory on the backup server. Moving the backup data on the backup server to a directory which is not accessible by the client would also require a synchronization.

For the time being I am running a crontab on the backup server which creates a list of backed up data in a directory readable for the client. On the client there is another cronjob which reads this list and deletes the internal backups so that they are not fetched again by the next urbackup run. Synchronization is also a big disadvantage here.

Can urbackup delete backed up data automatically?

Maybe an alternative solution could that the client triggers the backup. Should be urbackupclientctl start? How can one avoid that e.g. malware one the client “flood” the backup server inside urbackup? Setting quotas is only possible for filesystems in Linux not for directories.

There are pre and post backup scripts (that you have to create) on the client.
Checkout admin manual chapter 6

Thanks a lot for the hint.