Context menu -> Sorry, something went wrong

When I rightclick (context menu) on a file or folder on my clients and I chose “Access/Restore Backups” I get to a page showing “Sorry, something went wrong or you do not have the required rights to access this file or folder.(path_browse_access_denied)”.

It works when I right click on the Icon.

On the server / settings / Server URL I have "http://[server IP]:55414

Server: 2.0.36
Client 2.0.34

This sounds like a permissions problem.

  1. Is the user you are using have the proper rights/permissions?
  2. Has it given you this error before, or is it the very first time this has happened?
  1. Do the users/clients need any special rights to the server?
  2. This is a new installation of server & clients. 2 clients and the same problem.

If you try to look for this server with either a domain administrator or a local administrator, can you see it?
That will answer the question on whether or not you need permissions.

Yes I am domain administrator on the server and client. And I can access a shared folder on the server where I have the client installation.
Notice that I can access the server backups from the lower right icon.

Alright, let us take a step back then.

Unassuming it is permissions now, since you are a domain admin and can access the folder;

  1. What do the client logs say when you attempt to connect?
  2. What do the server logs say when you attempt to connect?
  3. I am assuming this is going to be Windows, but to be sure – are both your clients and server Windows?

This is just one more question that I want to ask, but I shouldn’t ask until the others are answered:

Network: Do you maybe have a blocked port?

Would this part of the manual be any use for you?
Referring to all of section 9:

If you need to know how to make debugging logs: Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting