Client "" could nt read mbr

i have install ubuntu server 20.04.1 on a vdi virtual disk.

The SDA contains sda1 for boot and sda2 in ext4 for /

I installed the partimage package then the 2.5.10 beta client and chose the image option via mapper (4).
When I activate the image backup from the 2.5.16 beta server installed on Win 10, the backup starts and stops on the client with the reason:
could not read mbr - error opening device - no such file or directory (code 2)

can you help me ?

I am a linux beginner and I speak French
Thank you in advance for your help


Sorry you are having issues. To solve the problem the client (debug) log would be useful.
If possible, could you post it or send it?

This post describes how to change the client to debug logging, where it is stored and where to send it to if posting is not possible: Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting


Thanks for the log file. Looks like you configured it to backup the volume /. This should be either the default (C) or something like /dev/sda2. C has the advantage that it automatically backs up the boot volume as well (if present).

With future 2.5.x versions I guess it would be more user friendly to automatically map mount points to devices/volumes.

I will try /dev/sda2 to morrow on datto and mapper
I send you the result
Have a good day

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I have tested with /dev/sda2 - > / Its OK dattobd save image

If I use sda2 with contain lvm volume can I use Datto /dev/sda2 and /dev/sda1 for boot ?

If I use mno (Raid 1 on sda1 and sda2) how use datobd –> Image of /dev/sda/mn0 and /dev/sdb/mn0 or other solution ?

Thank for response

D Verdiere

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