Client Feature Request: Show warning about running backup on computer shutdown

Hi there,

I am using urbackup for all family computers (all windows PCs), thanks a lot for this very easy and secure solution!

Although urbackup is very easy to use for the clients (simply have a look at the task bar icon before you shutdown), it happens regularly, that the one or other family member turns on his/her computer, does whatever he/she wanted to do and shuts the pc down afterwards. This leads quite often to outdated file and image backups. No matter how often I say to my family “Please have a look at that icon, if it is yellow, please leave your computer on until it turns white”, this happens again and again. Ok, they are all ‘only’ users, they don’t want to bother about backups etc. But I think, they would not ignore a warning popping up when they want to shutdown their computer and a backup is pending.

This Warning could say something like: “A (File / Image) Backup is running and will take about further XX Minutes. (or: “is expected to be ready at about XX clock”) Your last backup is from xx.xx.xx. Are you sure you want to stop this backup?” [Continue backup] [Backup and turn off when done] [Turn off computer]
maybe with preselected option “Backup and turn off when done”.

What do you think?