Client backups failing

Hi all, I’ve run out of ideas AND numerous tries to fix this problem: about a month ago all my client backups suddenly stopped with an error that the snapshots on the two volumes failed (see attached screenshot). Everything was working fine since installation about two years ago.
I know the indexing on my W10 workstation hasn’t been working for some time, even before installing UrBackup and I’ve searched up & down the web in vain to fix this, however since the backups were working before I’m not sure if this is the problem all of a sudden?
Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.
Thanks, Pete

Mr Google found:
Indexing Windows components failed - Index Error - restarting VSS was enough
VSSControl: Index failed error: There is not enough space on disk - free up disk space

My first thought was not enough space for the shadow copy.

My next thought was check system with DISM and SFC - see Windows Central or Microsoft documentation for Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files and Fix Windows Update errors by using the DISM or System Update Readiness tool

Then I thought maybe do a virus scan but that is pushing it.

Someone with more windows knowledge may have better suggestions but looking at the system for problems can’t hurt.

You should include the version of the client system.

Thanks ‘amazing’, I did see this post and had tried SFC and DISM already several times, also in ‘safe mode’ without getting any negative results. As indicated in my original post, I’ve tried whatever I could find on the web and what looked suitable without getting anywhere. I’m simply running out of ideas, however the only option I’ve got left is to rebuild my workstation from scratch, which is a terrible thought, especially with all the apps I need. Btw, it’s not a virus or similar problem as I keep this machine very clean.

Hi again, I’m still looking for a fix on this problem (see screenshot above) where UrBackups on a W10 workstation fail due to VSS errors. I haven’t been able to do any scheduled backups for nearly to month now and if I can’t find a solution I’ll have to decide on another backup utility, which is a shame.
Any suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks …

Take a look into the Windows Event log. Maybe there is more information there. It is a Windows/VSS error. UrBackup is only the messenger (don’t shoot it!). Other backups programs won’t work either.

Hi Uroni, I did all that but no errors on any of the VSS logs. Also tried other BUP-SW (trials) and it works without throwing up errors. I suspect it could be a ‘false positive’ caused by some other failure, but haven’t found any pointers where it comes from …