CBT not working

I installed the 2.0.38-cbt Client and activated volume C as CBT protected on the Server.

Unfortunately the Status on the Clients always Show the following:

Whad i’m doing wrong?

Did you reboot the (client) machine after installing the CBT? It has a kernel module, so it needs to be rebooted to activate it.

Both Clients have been rebooted several times since the Installation of the cbt.

Sorry you are having problems. You coud run following command as user with admin privileges and post the output?

"C:\Program Files\UrBackup\urbctctl.exe" install c: n-c


Sure i can. Here it Comes:

Sorry! Can you do?

cd "C:\Program Files\UrBackup"
urbctctl.exe install c: n-c

ok, second try:

Yes, it is 64bit Windows. Here the Output of the other urbctctl.exe you sent me:

Next one:

That one is probably caused by the urbctctl_lock.exe process you probably have running. But that indicates that all the previous setup steps worked and it e.g. fails to load the driver at startup for the volume(s). You could try killing urbctctl_lock.exe and then the install, then reboot…

What Windows version are you using?

I’m using Win10Pro (x64) Build 14393.576

I did what you suggested and this was the result:

Intrestingly, my Server Settings say, that i want to protect C,D. Why does the program not follow that?

Now the funny Thing: This was the result after a second reboot


It seems to uninstall/not install CBT for C and D and the command only manually installed it for C. But a step closer now: Installing CBT works. Could you send me your C:\Program Files\UrBackup\urbackup\data\settings.cfg? That would perhaps help find out why it uninstalls it again.

As you wish.

settings.zip (1,7 KB)

Thanks! It should work if you set “List of volumes for which change block tracking should be used” to ALL . There is a bug there that makes it stop working if you list volumes there and if you backup files on the same volumes. Will be fixed!

You’re right. Here’s the result if i set the Parameter you mentioned on the Server:

I hope it survives reboots, but anyway many thanks to you for your help.

Sorry to re-open an old thread but I seem to be running into a similar issue where I cannot get cbt driver to install at all. I get the following error:


Any suggestions?

Is that a Windows Server 2008 x64 ? If yes, then it is unfortunately not supported.

Ah crap! Yep completely forgot about that. Thanks Uroni!